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In The Night Sky: I Recall a UFO Few people realize that over the past 75 years, New York’s Hudson Valley has registered the third highest number of UFO reports in the country, and Felix and Sarah Olivieri of Big Guy Media have produced a compelling feature-length documentary examining how these experiences have impacted generations of eyewitnesses and influenced local communities.
60 Second Business Showcase A compelling video will capture your audience and promote interest in your business more than text or pictures ever can. Video is also vital for leveraging the impact that social media can have on your business.
Check out In addition to our work with our clients, the Big Guy Media team runs an online TV network dedicated to the Hudson Valley:
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Sarah O. Felix
Sarah O. Sarah Olivieri has worked as an administrator at several non-profit organizations in the Autism field. She is excited to bring her business experience to Big Guy Media. Sarah knows what it is like to be a… More…
Felix Felix Olivieri, the Big Guy, has a long and rich history in the world of art and digital media. Hailing originally from the Bronx, Felix got his start in the arts at LaGuardia School of Music & Art and Performing Arts (the “Fame school”).  More…